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A Flexible Graph Language for a Model-Based Semi-Automatic CGRA Compilation Flow

Böseler, Felix and Walter, Jörg; Forum on specification & Design Languages (FDL) 2023; 09 / 2023

A Multi-Criteria Metaheuristic Algorithm for Distributed Optimization of Electric Energy Storage

Schrage, Rico and Tiemann, Paul Hendrik and Niesse, Astrid; SIGENERGY Energy Inform. Rev.; feb / 2023

Agiles Personalmanagement: Wie sollte HR von morgen aussehen?

Agnetha Flore; Frank Edelkraut; Projektmanagement Aktuell; Mai / 2023

Applied Digital Twin Concepts Contributing to Heat Transition in Building, Campus, Neighborhood, and Urban Scale

Lesnyak, Ekaterina and Belkot, Tabea and Hurka, Johannes and Hörding, Jan Philipp and Kuhlmann, Lea and Paulau, Pavel and Schnabel, Marvin and Schönfeldt, Patrik and Middelberg, Jan; Big Data and Cognitive Computing; 2023

Automated integration process of future automation and monitoring systems in distribution grids

Raczka, Sebastian and Puhe, Frederik and Krueger, Carsten and Arph, Jan and Rehtanz, Christian; ETG Congress 2023; Juli / 2023

Co-Speculating on Dark Scenarios and Unintended Consequences of a Ubiquitous(Ly) Augmented Reality

Eghtebas, Chloe and Klinker, Gudrun and Boll, Susanne and Koelle, Marion; Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference; 2023

Conceptual design of Special Protection Scheme for Enhancing Renewable energy Integration

Kamsamrong, J., Aldebs, M., Kringel, H. & Meister, J. ; Cired 2023 Conference proceeding; 6 / 2023

Coupling OMNeT++ and mosaik for integrated Co-Simulation of ICT-reliant Smart Grids

Frauke Oest, Emilie Frost, Malin Radtke, Sebastian Lehnhoff; ACM SIGENERGY Energy Informatics Review; 03 / 2023

Current Insights From Task Area 1 in NFDI4Energy: Building and Serving the Energy Research Community

Werth, Oliver and Ferenz, Stephan and Niesse, Astrid and German, Reinhard and Huelck, Ludwig and Weinhardt, Christof and Vogel, Berthold; Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure; September / 2023

Das Dilemma von Druckluft und Leckagen

Lisa Dawel, ALexandra Pehlken; Industrie 4.0 Management; Februar / 2023

Demo Abstract: IT Platform for Provision of Ancillary Services from Distributed Energy Resources

Payam Teimourzadeh Baboli, Amin Raeiszadeh, Michael Brand, and Sebastian Lehnhoff; DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics, Vienna, Austria; 2023

Did That AI Just Charge Me a Fine? Citizens’ Perceptions of AI-Based Discretion in Public Administration

Aljuneidi, Saja and Heuten, Wilko and Tepe, Markus and Boll, Susanne; Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good; 2023

Digital Twins for Scaling up Hydrogen Electrolysis

Sharaf Alsharif, Nils Huxoll, Amin Raeiszadeh, Tobias Brandt, Michael Brand, Sebastian Lehnhoff; ETG-Kongress; 05 / 2023

Don’t Panic! - Influence of Virtual Stressor Representations from the ICU Context on Perceived Stress Levels

Weiß, Sebastian and Heuten, Wilko; Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; 2023

Energy Systems Test Case Discovery Enabled by Test Case Profile and Repository

Raussi, Petra and Kamsamrong, Jirapa and Paspatis, Alexandros and Heussen, Kai and Zerihun, Tesfaye Amare and Widl, Edmund and Andrén, Filip Pröstl and Kazmi, Jawad H. and Strasser, Thomas I. and Castro, Felipe and Pellegrino, Luigi; 2023 Open Source Modelling and Simulation of Energy Systems (OSMSES); 2023

FAIR Data for Energy System Research: An Overview of NFDI4Energy Task Area 4

Amanda Wein, Jan Reinkensmeier, Anke Weidlich, Johan Lilliestam, Veit Hagenmeyer, Mascha Richter, Sören Auer, Astrid Nieße, Sebastian Lehnhoff; 1st Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI) - Connecting Communities (Vol. 1); September / 2023

Handheld Tools Unleashed: Mixed-Initiative Physical Sketching with a Robotic Printer

Pourjafarian, Narjes and Mjaku, Fjolla and Koelle, Marion and Schmitz, Martin and Borchers, Jan and Steimle, Jürgen; Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; 2023

I Need a Third Arm! Eliciting Body-Based Interactions with a Wearable Robotic Arm

Muehlhaus, Marie and Koelle, Marion and Saberpour, Artin and Steimle, Jürgen; Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; 2023

Impact of ICT Latency, Data Loss and Data Corruption on Active Distribution Network Control

Klaes, Marcel and Zwartscholten, Jannik and Narayan, Anand and Lehnhoff, Sebastian and Rehtanz, Christian; IEEE Access; 2023

Inhabiting Interconnected Spaces: How Users Shape and Appropriate Their Smart Home Ecosystems

Wozniak, Mikołaj P. and Vöge, Sarah and Krüger, Ronja and Müller, Heiko and Koelle, Marion and Boll, Susanne; Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; 2023

Integration of Remote Attestation into IEC 61850

Fraune, Bastian and Woltjen, Torben and Siemers, Björn and Sethmann, Richard; 2023 IEEE Belgrade PowerTech; 2023

Learning new attack vectors from misuse cases with deep reinforcement learning

Veith, Eric and Wellßow, Arlena and Uslar, Mathias; Frontiers in Energy Research; 2023

Learning to Irrigate - A model of the plant water balance

Matthias Maszuhn, Frerk Müller-von Aschwege, Susanne Boll-Westermann, Jan Pinski; Februar / 2023

Let’s Face It: Influence of Facial Expressions on Social Presence in Collaborative Virtual Reality

Kimmel, Simon and Jung, Frederike and Matviienko, Andrii and Heuten, Wilko and Boll, Susanne; Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; 2023

LivingSmart: Intelligente Auswerte- und Informationsmodule zur Notfallprädiktion und -prävention für hochaltrige Personen

Patrick Elfert and Marco Eichelberg and Andreas Hein; Personennahe Dienstleistungen der Zukunft; 2023

LivingSmart: Wohnquartiere neu gedacht – Service-gesteuert: lebensnah, integrativ, intelligent, innovativ

Cletus Brauer and Petra Dinkelacker and Marco Eichelberg and Patrick Elfert and Manuela Ferdinand and Andreas Hein and Alexandra Kolozis and Philipp Kullmann and Linda Reinicke and Carsten Schultz and Sophia Zwiener; Personennahe Dienstleistungen der Zukunft; 2023

Mit virtueller Realität aus der sozialen Isolation

Kimmel, Simon; Wissen hoch N - Wissen aus Hochschulen in Niedersachsen; Februar / 2023

Motivationsgründe und Vorstellungen über eine zukünftige Beteiligung älterer Menschen im Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprozess von Gesundheitstechnologien – eine Mixed Methods-Studie TT - Motivational Reasons and Perceptions about Future Participation of O

Pauls Jürgen M.; Diekmann, Rebecca; Fudickar, Sebastian; Hein, Andreas; Hellmers, Sandra; Lau, Sandra; Meyer, Jochen; von Holdt, Kai; Koppelin, Frauke, Alexander; Bauer; Gesundheitswesen; 2023

Nachhaltige Personalentwicklung für nachhaltiges Projektmanagement

Agnetha Flore; Frank Edelkraut; Projektmanagement Aktuell; Juli / 2023

Potenzial des KI-gestützten Projektmanagements mit NLP-Modellen

H.F.R. Nuhn, A. Flore, R. Lang, A. Oswald, GPT-3; Projektmanagement Aktuell; März / 2023

Potenziale entlastender Assistenzrobotik in der Pflege

Kowalski, Christian and Gliesche, Pascal and Agraz, Celia Nieto and Hein, Andreas; Pflegeinnovationen in der Praxis: Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen aus dem „Cluster Zukunft der Pflege``; 2023

Redispatch 3.0 – Congestion Management for German Power Grids – Considering Controllable Resources in Low-Voltage Grids

Krueger, Carsten and Otte, Marcel and Holly, Stefanie and Rathjen, Saskia and Wellssow, Arlena and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; ETG Congress 2023; Juli / 2023

Research Project SiNED Insights – Ancillary Services for Reliable Power Grids in Times of the Progressive German Energiewende and Digital Transformation

C. Biedermann, V. Beutel, J. Beyrodt, M. Brand, S. Buchholz, J. Gerlach, N. Majumdar, T. Leveringhaus, M. Lotz, A. Raeiszadeh, A. Scheunert, P. Teimourzadeh Baboli, P. Tiemann, C. Wegkamp, C. Agert, M. Breitner, B. Engel, S. Geissendörfer, L. Hofmann, M. Könemund, M. Kurrat, S. Lehnhoff, K. von Maydell, A. Nieße, H. Weyer; ETG-Kongress; 05 / 2023

Robots and Norms of Care: A Comparative Analysis of the Reception of Robotic Assistance in Nursing

Matsuzaki, Hironori and Gliesche, Pascal; Social Robots in Social Institutions; jan / 2023

Sustainability Digital Twin: a tool for the manufacturing industry

Maria Davila, Fenja Schwark, Lisa Dawel, Alexandra Pehlken; Procedia CIRP; Vol 116 / 2023

Teaching Cyber-Physical Systems in Student Project Groups: How Do Alumni Assess the Experience in Retrospective?

Henning Schlender, Ralf Stemmer, Kim Grüttner, Günter Ehmen, Friederike Bruns, Bernd Westphal; 2023

The Art of Privacy A Theatrical Privacy Installation in Virtual Reality

Jung, Frederike and Kaiser, Jonah-Noël and von Holdt, Kai and Heuten, Wilko and Meyer, Jochen; Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; April / 2023

The IHI Rochester Report 2022 on Healthcare Informatics Research: Resuming After the CoViD-19

Combi, Carlo and Facelli, Julio C and Haddawy, Peter and Holmes, John H and Koch, Sabine and Liu, Hongfang and Meyer, Jochen and Peleg, Mor and Pozzi, Giuseppe and Stiglic, Gregor and Veltri, Pierangelo and Yang, Christopher C; Journal of Healthcare Informatics Research; 2023

Towards a Consensus Gesture Set: A Survey of Mid-Air Gestures in HCI for Maximized Agreement Across Domains

Hosseini, Masoumehsadat and Ihmels, Tjado and Chen, Ziqian and Koelle, Marion and Müller, Heiko and Boll, Susanne; Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems; 2023

Virtuelle und Erweiterte Realitäten für den Einsatz in der Pflege

Weiß, Sebastian and Kimmel, Simon and Cobus, Vanessa and Boll, Susanne and Heuten, Wilko; Pflegeinnovationen in der Praxis: Erfahrungen und Empfehlungen aus dem „Cluster Zukunft der Pflege``; 2023

“Scale without mass”: A decision-making tool for scaling remanufacturing practices in the white goods industry

Claudia Franzè and Danilo Pesce and Matthias Kalverkamp and Alexandra Pehlken; Journal of Cleaner Production; July / 2023