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A Rate-Parametric Dataflow Language for a Manual Controllable CGRA Compilation Flow

Böseler, Felix and Walter, Jörg; Methoden und Beschreibungssprachen zur Modellierung und Verifikation von Schaltungen und Systemen (MBMV) 2024; 02 / 2024

1 Presentation of the “ENaQ” Energy Transition Lighthouse

Sven Rosinger and Steffen Wehkamp and Georg Blum; Innovations and challenges of the energy transition in smart city districts; 2024

2 Regulatory and Legal Challenges for District Energy Systems in Practice and Research

Steffen Wehkamp and Lucas Schmeling and Sven Leonhardt; Innovations and challenges of the energy transition in smart city districts; 2024

4 District Energy Management Scheduling using a Participatory Local Energy Market

Alexander Hill and Christian Pieper and Tobias Brandt; Innovations and challenges of the energy transition in smart city districts; 2024

A Digital Infrastructure for Integrating Decentralized Assets Into Redispatch : Decentralized Redispatch (DEER): Interfaces for providing flexibility

Körner, Marc-Fabian and Nolting, Lars and Heeß, Paula and Schick, Leo and Lautenschlager, Jonathan and Zwede, Till and Ehaus, Marvin and Wiedemann, Stefanie and Babel, Matthias and Radtke, Malin; 2024

Benchmarking Tabular Data Synthesis for User Guidance

Maria F Davila R, Wolfram Wingerath, Fabian Panse; Proceedings of the Workshops of the EDBT/ICDT 2024 Joint Conference co-located with the EDBT/ICDT 2024 Joint Conference; 03 / 2024

cosima-mango: Investigating Multi-Agent System robustness through integrated communication simulation

Emilie Frost and Malin Radtke and Marvin Nebel-Wenner and Frauke Oest and Sanja Stark; SoftwareX; 2024

Digital Twins: Enhancing Circular Economy through Digital Tools

Pehlken, A., Davila, M.F., Dawel, L., Meyer, O.; 05 / 2024

Enhancing Smart Grid Resilience: An Educational Approach to Smart Grid Cybersecurity Skill Gap Mitigation

Pirta-Dreimane, Rūta, Andrejs Romanovs, Jana Bikovska, Jānis Pekša, Tero Vartiainen, Maria Valliou, Jirapa Kamsamrong, and Bahaa Eltahawy; Energies; April / 2024

Evaluating the Viability of Neural Networks for Analysing Electromyography Data in Home Rehabilitation: Estimating Foot Progression Angle:

Siegel, Finn and Buj, Christian and Merfort, Ricarda and Hein, Andreas and Aschwege, Frerk; Proceedings of the 17th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies; 2024

Open Science - Towards Greater Transparency and Openness in Science

Alexander Maedche, Edona Elshan, Hartmut Höhle, Christiane Lehrer, Jan Recker, Ali Sunyaev, Benjamin Sturm, Oliver Werth ; Business & Information Systems Engineering; März / 2024

Open Training for Research Data Management in the Energy Domain

Ferenz, Stephan and Ahrens, Antje and Heiken, Julia and Jandrich, Annabelle and Nieße, Astrid and Seitz, Nicola; 1. NFDI4Energy Conference; February / 2024

Prototyping an Open Digital Platform for Interdisciplinary Energy Research: Opportunities and Challenges

Eckhoff, Sarah and Manzek, Luca and Ofenloch, Annika and Penaherrera, Fernando and Wagner, Henrik and Lier, Sarah K.; February / 2024

Scaling Analysis in a Multi-Energy System

Schwarz, Jan Soeren and Pham, Minh Cong and Tran, Quoc Tuan and Heussen, Kai; 2023 Asia Meeting on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEE-AM); 01 / 2024

Towards automated self-administered motor status assessment: Validation of a depth camera system for gait feature analysis

Pedro Arizpe-Gómez and Kirsten Harms and Kathrin Janitzky and Karsten Witt and Andreas Hein; Biomedical Signal Processing and Control; 2024