Performing gait analysis within the timed up & go assessment test: comparison of aTUG to a marker-based tracking system

Frenken, Thomas and Lohmann, Okko and Frenken, Melina and Steen, Enno-Edzard and Hein, Andreas
Informatics for Health and Social Care
Results from a technical validation of the aTUG (ambient Timed Up & Go) system are presented. The approach’s gait analysis capabilities were compared to a gold standard: SIMI Motion, a marker-based motion tracking system. Seven people participated and computation of step length and step duration happened with a median error of 3 cm (IQR 3 cm) respectively 0.08 s (IQR 0.07 s). These results show that aTUG has a measurement precision which is sufficient for use in clinical gait analysis and enables the use of the device without a gold standard, i.e. in hospitals outside laboratories or in the homes of patients. aTUG is an approach and system that utilizes only ambient sensor technologies to support the execution of geriatric mobility assessment tests and to perform a gait analysis simultaneously. Such capabilities are strongly demanded in order to support physicians in executing the geriatric assessment tests frequently and objectively in professional and domestic environments. The latter may enable more early prevention and more sustainable rehabilitation.
9 / 2014
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