An Electricity Market Categorization Based on Morphological Analysis for Smart Grid Development

Rebeca Ramirez Acosta; Sebastian Lehnhoff; Jorge Marx Gomez
18th International Conference on European Electricity Market, (EEM)
Renewable energies and smart grid technologies are key contributors to the energy transition and will influence the current design and operation of the power system. In liberalized energy structures, suitable market designs should enable new smart grid technologies. Categorizing electricity markets (EM) facilitates a clearer understanding of its rules. This paper presents an electricity market categorization based on a General Morphological Analysis (GMA) to find gaps for new market rules. First, the relevant categories of electricity markets are considered and organized in morphological boxes. Research on new market rules in Europe has been considered as possible modifications to the market framework. Second, a cross-consistency assessment is performed to eliminate internally inconsistent configurations. The proposed categorization seeks spaces for new designs and gathers key information for future integration in the specification and execution of concrete simulation models for the electricity market.
18th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)