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M.Sc. Jenny Inge Glitza

Position im OFFIS

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin


Gesundheit / Biomedizinische Geräte und Systeme

Competence Cluster

Human Machine Cooperation (HMC), Safety Relevant Cyber Physical Systems (SRCPS)


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OFFIS - Institut für Informatik
Escherweg 2
26121 Oldenburg

von Jenny Inge Glitza, M.Sc.


Improved aftercare in LVAD patients: Development and feasibility of a smartphone application as a first step for telemonitoring

Schmidt, Thomas and Mewes, Philipp and Hoffmann, Jan-Dirk and Müller-von Aschwege, Frerk and Glitza, Jenny I and Schmitto, Jan D and Schulte-Eistrup, Sebastian and Sindermann, Jürgen R and Reiss, Nils; Artificial Organs; 2020

Pulse Transit Time Estimation for Blood Pressure Measurement in Patients Implanted with a Left Ventricular Assist Device

M. Ahmad, J. Glitza, F. Müller-von-Aschwege, A. Hein and B. Cauchi; Oktober / 2020



Analysis of LVAD Log Files considering the circadian Rhythm for the early Thrombosis Detection

J. I. Glitza, F. Müller-von Aschwege, C. Feldmann, R. Wendl, J. D. Schmitto, N. Reiss, T. Schmidt, A. Hein; The International Journal of Artificial Organs; August / 2019

Telemedical concepts and developments for an effective outpatient management in LVAD patients.

Reiss, N.; Schmidt, T.; Hoffmann, J.-D.; Glitza, J.; Thronicke, W.; Wendl, R.; Feldmann, C.; Schmitto, J.; Mueller-von Aschwege, F.; Clin Res Cardiol; 2019



Advanced telemonitoring of Left Ventricular Assist Device patients for the early detection of thrombosis

Jenny I. Glitza,Frerk Müller-von Aschwege,Marco Eichelberg,Nils Reiss,Thomas Schmidt,Christina Feldmann,Regina Wendl,Jan D. Schmitto,Andreas Hein; Journal of Network and Computer Applications; 2018

Development of New Algorithms for Early Detection of Pump Thrombosis by Analysis of HeartWare LVAD Log Files

Nils Reiss,Frerk Müller-von Aschwege,Thomas Schmidt,Christina Feldmann,Jan Schmitto,Andreas Hein,Jenny Glitza; The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation; 2018


Adaptive Pump Speed Algorithms to Improve Exercise Capacity in Patients Supported with a Left-Ventricular Assist Device

Thomas Schmidt, Nils Reiss, Ezin Deniz, Christina Feldmann, Andreas Hein, Jan-Dirk Hoffmann, Jenny Inge Röbesaat, Jan Dieter Schmitto, Detlev Willemsen, Frerk Müller-von Aschwege; Health Informatics Meets eHealth: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; Mai / 2017

An Improved BLE Indoor Localization with Kalman-Based Fusion: An Experimental Study

Jenny Röbesaat,Peilin Zhang,Mohamed Abdelaal,Oliver Theel; Sensors; April / 2017

Analysis of LVAD log files for the early detection of pump thrombosis

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New concepts for remote monitoring and flow control in left ventricular assist device patients - The Medolution project

Nils Reiss, Thomas Schmidt, Jan-Dirk Hoffmann, Detlev Willemsen, Frerk Müller-von Aschwege, Jenny Inge Röbesaat, Jan Dieter Schmitto, Christina Feldmann; European Journal of Heart Failure; 2017

Telemonitoring and Medical Care of Heart Failure Patients Supported by Left Ventricular Assist Devices - The Medolution Project.

Nils Reiss, Thomas Schmidt, Frerk Müller-von Aschwege, Wolfgang Thronicke, Jan-Dirk Hoffmann, Jenny Inge Röbesaat, Ezin Deniz, Andreas Hein, Heiko Krumm, Franz-Josef Stewing, Detlev Willemsen, Jan Dieter Schmitto, Christina Feldmann; Studies in Health Technology and Informatics: Volume 236: Health Informatics Meets eHealth; Mai / 2017