Towards Collaborative Technical Debt Management in Systems of Systems

J. Schütz and J. Marx Gómez
International Conference on Technical Debt (TechDebt ’20)
Systems Engineering is a matter of the perspective and scope whereseveral principles of the systems thinking approach coincide. Fol-lowing the fundamental system principle of holism and interactiontheory, in order to understand the whole the system should be considered as a whole. Due to the phenomena of emergence, notall properties of a system can be determined or explained by itscomponents alone. The conceptual model of Technical Debt alreadyrecognize the context sensitivity of Technical Debt as an essentialfactor and identifies phenomena that fall outside the core definitionof Technical Debt as a major part of future research.This short paper shows why managing the parts does not equalmanaging the whole by introducing Technical Debt as an emergentcharacteristic and why the traditional Technical Debt-Managementmethods can only be partially applied to Systems of Systems.
June / 2020
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