Systematic dynamic assessment for resilient operation of distribution networks

Felipe Castro, Jorge Velásquez, Davood Babazadeh and Sebastian Lehnhoff
Energy Informatics
The integration of decentralized energy resources is changing the ways distribution grids are being operated. Moreover, a major change is the implementation of active control strategies to adapt to the energy transition, such as voltage and reactive power in-feed control. Correspondingly, the dynamic nature of these controllers, the potential conflict of control objectives and uncertainty of these sources require frequent assessment of the system's dynamic behaviour. For this reason, this paper defines high level guidelines that allow simplifying Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA) in distribution networks, through the implementation of a methodology to determine the interactions of the network with its controllers. With this in mind, the focus of these guidelines is kept in reducing the computational effort, by reducing the number of dynamic simulations, as well as the amount of active controllers necessary for DSA. These guidelines are verified in an artificial 242-busbar distribution network, resulting in a reduction of 21,4in number of dynamic simulations required for DSA.
October / 2018
Smart Grid Cyber-Resilience Labor