Selffitting system for user with sensorineural hearing loss to fit TV-headsets on their own

Baumgartner, Hannah and Schulz, Arne and Hein, Andreas and Holube, Inga and Herzke, Tobias
Wireless TV-headsets help people with mild and moderate hearing loss to enjoy TV and music in satisfying loudness without disturbing their neighbours. Even users of hearing aids suffer from bad speech intelligibility caused by background noise or bad acoustics during watching TV. Headphones offer a solution to bypass the free field influences. The user can choose his individual loudness level at the headset while the speakers of the TV device have their own level. But sensorineural hearing loss is usually combined with an altered loudness recognition and a lower range in dynamics. To compensate sensorineural hearing loss it is necessary to adjust individual compressive gains. To give the users of TV-headsets the possibility to adapt not only the volume but also thedynamics of the TV signal , three different versions of interactive self fitting systems were designed and evaluated, particulary with regard to an improvement of speechintelligibility.
01 / 2009