Research Project SiNED Insights – Ancillary Services for Reliable Power Grids in Times of the Progressive German Energiewende and Digital Transformation

C. Biedermann, V. Beutel, J. Beyrodt, M. Brand, S. Buchholz, J. Gerlach, N. Majumdar, T. Leveringhaus, M. Lotz, A. Raeiszadeh, A. Scheunert, P. Teimourzadeh Baboli, P. Tiemann, C. Wegkamp, C. Agert, M. Breitner, B. Engel, S. Geissendörfer, L. Hofmann, M. Könemund, M. Kurrat, S. Lehnhoff, K. von Maydell, A. Nieße, H. Weyer
illary services in future power systems have to be provided by decentralized distributed energy resources, resulting in various, interdisciplinary issues. Focusing on the three competence areas (Electrical Power Engineering, Digital Transformation/Information and Communication Technology, and Energy Law and Economics), insights for the central research goals of the project are presented (after three of five years of project duration). While results indicate, that the future ancillary services demand of a climate-neutral power system can be supplied with further developments, open questions and issues still remain. The interdisciplinary studies of the SiNED consortium show that it will be possible to provide ancillary services also from the lower voltage levels, both technically and economically. These results and the necessary regulatory frameworks are discussed in this paper.
05 / 2023
Systemdienstleistungen für sichere Stromnetze in Zeiten fortschreitender Energiewende und digitaler Transformation