Optimized Reactive Power Management Across Different Voltage Levels on the Example of Medium-Voltage Grids

Steffen Garske,Marcel Sarstedt,Lutz Hofmann,Jorge Velasquez,Sebastian Lehnhoff
North Sea Conference & Journal
The secure supply of ancillary services in the future electrical energy supply system is an important question of both distribution and transmission system. Decentralized generation units provide an increasing share of the electrical power generation. Thus, these units are an important factor within the overall grid state. The latest grid code requirements for generation units, depending on voltage level and nominal power, include the ability of reactive power provision, in the distribution grid mainly for voltage band optimization. This required reactive power provision and in addition, the current grid expansion as well as the grid integration of new consumers, e.g. electric mobility, leads to ongoing changes within the reactive power exchange between all voltage levels. In future grid states an optimized reactive power exchange will be needed for a secure grid operation. In this paper, the results of the interdisciplinary research project “iQ” for optimized reactive power management of medium-voltage grids regarding the high-voltage level are described as well as the outlook for further research questions in the field of reactive power exchange across all voltage levels.
9 / 2016
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