Model-Based Risk Assessment Supporting Development of HSE Plans for Safe Offshore Operations

Droste, Rainer and Läsche, Christoph and Sobiech, Cilli and Böde, Eckard and Hahn Axel
Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems
The commercial installation of offshore wind farms is still far from having established standards or procedures and puts high demands on employees who deal with uncertainty and risks. We present a model-based risk assessment approach to support the development of health, safety, and environment (HSE) plans for safe offshore operations. For this purpose, a process model is used to integrate all aspects of these complex and safety-critical operations which involve many different actors, resources, and environmental conditions. On the basis of this model, we are able to identify and precisely describe hazards, quantify their safety impact, and develop risk mitigation means. To this end, we developed methods and tools to support this process, resulting in a formalization of hazardous events that can be used to unambiguously describe the risks of a given offshore operation model. We will demonstrate the feasibility of our approach on a specific offshore scenario.
8 / 2012
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Sichere Offshore-Operationen

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