Midas: An Open-Source Framework for Simulation-Based Analysis of Energy Systems

Balduin, Stephan and Veith, Eric M. S. P. and Lehnhoff, Sebastian
Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications
The analysis of cyber-physical energy systems is often limited to the individual sub-domains. On the one side, this is caused by the system's complexity. On the other side, there are many specialized tools but only a few open-source solutions, and bringing those tools together is a complex task. For this reason, we built the open-source framework midas that aims to couple multiple domains into a single simulation scenario. Midas is modularly built, extensible, and uses the co-simulation framework mosaik. It includes a power grid simulation based on pandapower, load and generation time series, weather time series, and several simulation models for distributed energy resources. There are also first advances to integrate a local reactive power market and an ICT simulator into the midas ecosystem. We will present midas in this paper and use it to build surrogate models for a medium-voltage power grid using different sampling strategies. Because of the modularity of midas, the power grid model can easily be replaced by one of the surrogate models for testing purposes. Although the prediction quality of the surrogate models leaves room for improvement, the overall process with midas works quite well and allows fast iterations of different experiment configurations.
Springer International Publishing
Polymorphe Agenten als querschnittliche Softwaretechnologie zur Analyse der Betriebssicherheit cyber-physischer Systeme