Integrating Agent-Based Control for Normal Operation in Interconnected Power and Communication Systems Simulation

Radtke, MalinStucke, ChristophTrauernicht, MalteMontag, CarstenOest, FraukeFrost, EmilieBremer, JörgLehhoff, Sebastian
SSCI 2023
Power grids must be stable and reliable, but the growing importanceof intelligent control in smart grids creates new challenges due to theincreasing dependence on communication networks. This paperinvestigates the influence of communication on power systems in afuture scenario. The simulation environment contains a power grid ofa medium-sized city in northwest Germany, in the year 2035, wherethe normal operation of the power system is disturbed by increasedcommunication traffic. The power and communication networks areintegrated into a co-simulation environment, that implements smartgrid services in an agent-based control structure. In a case study,multiple scenarios are compared that differ in the configuration of thecommunication network, to show how the simulation environment can be used to study the interactions between power and communicationnetworks.
Dezember / 2023