Heterogeneous Assertion-Based Verification for Medical Devices Development

Laemmermann, Stefan and Pielawa Lukas and Burger, Andreas and Schlemminger, Jan and Ruf, Juergen and Kropf, Thomas and Hein, Andreas and Rosenstiel Wolfgang
This paper describes the employment of anassertion-based verification methodology in the early stage of medical device development. Characteristics formulated by medical experts to be fulfilled by the system under development are transferred into mixed-signal assertion language andautomatically evaluated in a simulation of the system. The encountered diversity in the medical devices domain highlights the neccessity of a versatile verification approach. The utilization of MSAL verification process enables to translate themedical characteristics automatically into observer automata for monitoring the systems behaviour. This affords automatic verification of complex medical characteristics as properties in a straight forward and standardized way. The experimentalresults show the integration of medical characteristics as assertions in a simulation of a medical device in Matlab/Simulink and demonstrate the broad applicability and the high value of the evolved solution.
03 / 2012
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kobe University, Japan
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