GPS-based Position Control and Waypoint Navigation System for Quadrocopters

Puls, Tim and Kemper, Markus and Küke, Reimund and Hein, Andreas
Motivation for the investigation of position andwaypoint controllers is the demand for Unattended AerialSystems (UAS) capable of fulfilling e.g. surveillance tasks incontaminated or in inaccessible areas. Hence, this paper dealswith the development of a 2D GPS-based position controlsystem for 4 Rotor Helicopters able to keep positions abovegiven destinations as well as to navigate between waypointswhile minimizing trajectory errors. Additionally, the novelcontrol system enables permanent full speed flight with reliablealtitude keeping considering that the resulting lift is decreasingwhile changing pitch or roll angles for position control.In the following chapters the control procedure for positioncontrol and waypoint navigation is described. The dynamicbehavior was simulated by means of Matlab/Simulink andresults are shown. Further, the control strategies wereimplemented on a flight demonstrator for validation,experimental results are provided and a comparison isdiscussed.
10 / 2009
Ning Xi, Michigan State University, USA
Competitive Aerial Robotic Technologies