Energetic Neighborhoods – Local Implementation of the Hybrid Grid Concept

Arno Claassen, Jürgen Knies, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Christoph Mayer, Sebastian Rohjans, Sven Rosinger
Smarter Europe 2015 conference proceedings
Due to the energy transition in Germany, an efficient convergence of various energy supply infrastructures is more and more addressed by technical research. Both physical and virtual coupling points between the infrastructures have to be found. The proposed approach, which is termed Energetic Neighbourhoods, aims to realize the concept of hybrid grids on a local level. In the project example the processes from neighbouring enterprises are analysed in terms of incoming and outgoing energy flows as well as timely flexibility. Subsequently, automation architectures that technically connect the processes are developed based on the gathered data in order to gain economic advantages.
2 / 2015
E-world energy & water