Digitization of Measures Cascading for the System Safety of Power Grids by openKONSEQUENZ

Jürgen Meister, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Andre Göring, Thomas Altherr, Maike Salbeck
Proceedings of the 16th Symposium Energieinnovation,
The steadily growing integration of decentral renewable energy resources, the changing regulation, the business pressure in the unbundled energy sector and the transformation to smart grids drive the need of up-to-date software systems for managing and operating the electrical networks. These software systems have to be flexible to integrate and support new functionalities and provide a high level of interoperability in order to enable continuous updates in software landscapes of the distribution system operators (DSO) with software components from various vendors. In this paper we introduce the openKONSEQUENZ process for the development of modular open source software using the cascade information tool (CIT). After then we will discuss the advantages and shortcomings of the adaption open source and the related methodologies in grid operation and why in case of CIT it will significantly speed up the digitization of the “Cascading of Measures for the System Safety” by DSOs in Germany.
2 / 2020
Standardkonforme Integration quelloffener Big Data-Lösungen in existierende Netzleitsysteme