Constraint-based Modeling of Smart Grid Services in ICT-Reliant Power Systems

Oest, Frauke and Lehnhoff, Sebastian
ENERGY 2022, The Twelfth International Conference on Smart Grids, Green Communications and IT Energy-aware Technologies
The future Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in distribution grids requires a significant network and computational resources for potentially running all so-called Smart Grid Services (SGS). The insufficient infrastructure may create network and computational congestions and resource shortages, which can lead to e.g., delayed critical messages in the power system and thus affect the power system stability. This paper presents a model for the configuration of SGSs with consideration of the underlying ICT infrastructure as a constraint satisfaction problem. This model is studied in a nominal and overvoltage scenario. The resulting over-constrained problem in the second scenario is relaxed by SGS data-rate reduction, SGS migration or SGS distribution. We show that an over-constrained problem can be relaxed with our proposed strategies.
Mai / 2022