Assistive Technologies for Supporting People with Dementia

Frenken, Thomas and Brell, Melina and Eichelberg, Marco and Gietzelt, Matthias and Martens, Birger and Meyer, Eike Michael and Spehr, Jens and Wilken, Olaf and Hein, Andreas
New approaches are required to address the need of care for the increasing number of dementia patients reaching 115 million worldwide in 2050. This article discusses research on a combined AAL approach that enables early diagnosis through mobility assessment, assessment of need of care by activity monitoring, estimation of fall risk, and support for everyday life activities for dementia patients in their domestic environments.
03 / 2010
AALIANCE - The European Ambient Assisted Living Innovation Alliance
Gestaltung altersgerechter Lebenswelten
Plattform zur Integration technologiebasierter Gesundheitsdienstleistungen in Gesundheitsnetzwerke