Analyzing the Propagation of Disturbances in CPES considering the States of ICT-enabled Grid Services

Anand Narayan, Marcel Klaes, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Christian Rehtanz
Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC 2021)
Power Systems (PS) are becoming increasingly dependent on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ICT, on one hand enables the grid services which aid in the safe and secure operation of PS; on the other, also causes disturbances to propagate further due to the interdependencies between the two systems. In this paper, a simulation based approach for analyzing the interdependency between power and ICT systems within cyber-physical energy systems (CPES) is presented. The main focus is on the propagation of disturbances in CPES (both cascading and escalating) across the boundaries of the two systems considering their interdependencies. The performance degradation of the grid services, especially the partially degraded state, is also considered. The resulting state trajectory of CPES, i.e. states of PS as well as states of grid services, provides insights on design decisions (e.g. robustness and fallback measures).
October / 2021
Resilienz-Monitoring für die Digitalisierung der Energiewende