A Service Oriented Platform for Health Services and Ambient Assisted Living

Hein, Andreas and Eichelberg, Marco and Nee, Oliver and Schulz, Arne and Helmer, Axel and Lipprandt, Myriam
Providing health care and assistance at home becomes more and more important due to the aging society and - in general - a health system under financial pressure. It is generally accepted that these services have to be supported by an eHealth infrastructure that enables the exchange of patient related data between different health institutions and assistance systems athome (referred to by the term AAL). In this paper a service-oriented architecture for delivering eHealth / AAL services at home using a hardware platform such as a residential gateway or a set-top-box is proposedand exemplified by three different services: (1) telerehabilitation of patients after heard surgery, (2) support of hearing impaired people and (3) the monitoring of Activities of Daily Living (ADL).
12 / 2009
IEEE Computer Society