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Dr.-Ing. Jirapa Kamsamrong

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Gruppenleiterin "Smart Grid Testing"


Energie / Smart Grid Testing


Energie/Smart Grid Testing

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von Dr.-Ing. Jirapa Kamsamrong


How can Aggregators Improve the TSO-DSO-Customer Coordination in Digitalised Power Systems?

Otte, Marcel and Kamsamrong, Jirapa and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; ISGAN 2024; July / 2024

Enhancing Smart Grid Resilience: An Educational Approach to Smart Grid Cybersecurity Skill Gap Mitigation

Pirta-Dreimane, Rūta, Andrejs Romanovs, Jana Bikovska, Jānis Pekša, Tero Vartiainen, Maria Valliou, Jirapa Kamsamrong, and Bahaa Eltahawy; Energies; April / 2024


Conceptual design of Special Protection Scheme for Enhancing Renewable energy Integration

Kamsamrong, J., Aldebs, M., Kringel, H. & Meister, J. ; 27th International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2023); 6 / 2023

Energy Systems Test Case Discovery Enabled by Test Case Profile and Repository

Raussi, Petra and Kamsamrong, Jirapa and Paspatis, Alexandros and Heussen, Kai and Zerihun, Tesfaye Amare and Widl, Edmund and Andrén, Filip Pröstl and Kazmi, Jawad H. and Strasser, Thomas I. and Castro, Felipe and Pellegrino, Luigi; 2023 Open Source Modelling and Simulation of Energy Systems (OSMSES); 2023

Virtualisation and management technologies of smart substations

Krüger, Carsten and Kamsamrong, Jirapa and Lehnhoff, Sebastian; Virtualisation and management technologies of smart substations; 2023


A novel software applications rollout and monitoring strategy for enabling the transition to electromobility in future smart grids

Raczka, S. and Bauernschmitt, B. and Hilbrich, Dominik and Palaniappan, Rajkumar and Rehtanz, C. and Krueger, C. and Kamsamrong, J. and Lehnhoff, S. and Puhe, Frederik and Keune, B. and Obermayer, C. and Hermanns, C. and Stelmaszyk, H. and Finke, S. and Schmidt, M. and Eberling, M. and Arph, J. and Hein, A. and Becker, T. and Richter, F.; Conference proceeding; 01 / 2022

Optimal Operation of Smart Energy Hub considering High-temperature Heat and Power Storage

Mohammad Ali Lasemi, Ahmad Arabkoohsar, Amin Hajizadeh, Jirapa Kamsamrong, Pratyush Das; Energy Report; 12 / 2022

Towards A Massive Open Online Course for Cybersecurity in Smart Grids – A Roadmap Strategy

Bahaa Eltahawy, Maria Valliou, Jirapa Kamsamrong, Andrejs Romanovs, Tero Vartiainen, Mike Mekkanen; Conference proceeding; October / 2022



A comprehensive analysis of threats and countermeasures in virtualized cyber-physical energy systems

Shadi Attarha, Carsten Krüger, Jirapa Kamsamrong, Davood Babazadeh, Sebastian Lehnhoff; Conference proceeding; September / 2021

Modern Trends and Skill Gaps of Cyber Security in Smart Grid

Björn Siemers, Shadi Attarha, Jirapa Kamsamrong, Michael Brand, Maria Valliou, Ruta Pirta-Dreimane, Janis Grabis, Nadezhda Kunicina, Mike Mekkanen, Tero Vartiainen and Sebastian Lehnhoff; IEEE EUROCON-2021 (2021 IEEE 19th International Conference on Smart Technologies (EUROCON)); 06 / 2021

von Dr.-Ing. Jirapa Kamsamrong



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