Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World 2009

Zimmermann, Andreas and Henze, Niels and Righetti, Xavier and Rukzio, Enrico
Supplementary conference proceedings of MobileHCI
The workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW 2009) will invite papers which focus on new mobile and wearable input and output interfaces which allow simpler and straightforward interactions with mobile services and applications. An inherit problem of current mobile devices are their limited output and input capabilities. This workshop continues a successful series of workshops (2006--2008) that focus on new approaches to overcome these issues. Examples are the usage of external visual interfaces (e.g. projector phones, public displays, interactive surfaces) and additional input capabilities (e.g. gestures, on-body interfaces, pointing) and innovative feedback mechanisms (e.g. tactile feedback). The workshop combines technical presentations with the presentation of prototypes and focused discussions to drive interaction between participants.
09 / 2009
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices