Visualization of Eye Tracking Data in Unity3D

Müller, Lisa-Maria and Mandon, Kilian and Gliesche, Pascal and Weiß, Sebastian and Heuten, Wilko
19th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia
For nurses, analyzing a patient’s room upon entry is crucial because health history and current status are essential for decision making in case of emergency. In order to understand a nurses perception of the situation and the environment, researchers have turned to Virtual Reality (VR). Eye tracking can be used to understand how users perceive virtual environments and can contribute to a deeper understanding of users’ cognitive processes. In this paper we present a demo-setup for recording, processing and visualizing eye tracking data in Unity3D. It enables tracking a user’s gaze data and its visualization in the virtual environment it was recorded in. The goal of this demo is to provide an easy-to-use tool for recording and visualizing eye tracking data using the HTC Vive Pro Eye and Unity3D. In future work, results can be used for training semi- and full-autonomous systems which e.g. report the patients current status.
11 / 2020
Association for Computing Machinery
MUM 2020