Virtual-Platform in the Loop Simulation for Accurate Timing Analysis of Embedded Software on Multicore Platforms

Fakih, Maher and Grüttner, Kim
ASIM-Treffen der Fachgruppen "Simulation technischer Systeme" und "Grundlagen und Methoden in Modellbildung und Simulation
The design of embedded systems with real time requirements is a challenging task. On one side, timing predictability is fundamental for guaranteeing safe system operation. On the other side, complex functional behavior needs to be validated at all refinement levels during the design. For multicore platforms this task becomes even more challenging due to the increased complexity in platform parallelism including access arbitration to shared resources such as memories or peripherals, which impact software execution times.This paper describes a co-simulation based validation method for embedded software implemented on multicore hardware platforms. The co-simulation is realized between Simulink and the SystemC-based SoCLib virtual-platform framework. Simulink is used to implement the system environment and functional model of an embedded control system. SoCLib is used to model a multicore execution platform with shared resources. Our design flow enables code generation and deployment from a Simulink model, and execution of this code on a multicore platform. In addition our virtual-platform model allows the observation of software execution and its timing measurement at a cycle accurate level.We demonstrate the applicability of our method through validation of a real-time critical ignition controller system by running our virtual multicore platform in the loop with the Simulink environmental model.
2 / 2012
GI ASIM Fachgruppen "Simulation technischer Systeme" (STS) und "Grundlagen und Methoden in Modellbildung und Simulation" (GMMS)
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