Using Guided Simulation to Assess Driver Assistance Systems

Fränzle, Martin and Gezgin, Tayfun and Hungar, Hardi and Puch, Stefan and Sauter, Gerald
The goal of our approach is the model-based prediction of the effects of driver assistance systems. Starting with the integration of a computer model of the driver of a car into a simulation environment, we face the problem of analysing the emergent effects of a complex system with discrete, numeric and probabilistic components. In particular, it is difficult to assess the probability of rare events, though we are specifically interested in critical situations which will be infrequent for any reasonable system. For that purpose, we use a quantitative logic which enables us to specify criticality and other properties of simulation runs. An online evaluation of the logic permits us to define a procedure which guides the simulation towards critical situations and allows to estimate the risk of connected with the introduction of the assistance system.
01 / 2011
Integrated Modeling for Safe Transportation
Schnieder, Ekkehard; Tarnai, Geza

OFFIS Autoren