Using an HLA Simulation Environment for Safety Concept Verification of Offshore Operations

Läsche, Christoph and Gollücke, Volker and Hahn, Axel
Proceediings 27th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation
One of the effects of the radically changing energy market is the construction of more and more offshore wind turbines.Many new companies with different levels of experience are entering the market to meet the demand of renewable energy.To this end, we introduce a distributed simulative approach for verifying a safety concept for offshore missions to support the involved companies.In this paper, we present our vision of the emerging simulation environment and introduce the components that we currently work on.More precisely, we introduce a Physical World Simulator (PWS) that allows the simulation of the environment, persons, and resources of offshore operations.The simulator can be interconnected to other simulators and to a Failure and Hazard Observer (FHO) which we also present in the paper.The observer tracks the occurrence of hazards and thus checks if they have been considered while creating a safety concept for an offshore mission.We use the High Level Architecture (HLA) as the simulator communication interface for which we developed a helper library which also extends its features while maintaining compatibility with the standard.The simulation framework enables us to automatically verify the safety concept by performing simulation runs and injecting identified failures.
05 / 2013
Sichere Offshore-Operationen

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