Usability of PC-based Dashboards to Control Virtual Reality Training Situations

Sebastian Weiß, Dennis Lindt, Wilko Heuten
Zukunft der Pflege Tagungsband der 6. Clusterkonferenz 2023
Virtual Reality allows designers andexperimenters to run studies within highly ecologically validenvironments. This can be used, for example, to reiteratethrough prototyping cycles quickly. Furthermore, thetechnology also enables remote participation in studies as wellas simulation sessions for teaching and training purposes. Thesesimulations are currently pre-defined and can then be runwithout allowing the experimenter to change the procedure. Inmany cases, this might not be ideal. In this work, we develop auser interface to adjust the order of tasks and events within asimulation session that is tailored for nurses. Following thehuman-centered design process, we collect requirements fromexperts in the field of user experience and iterate overprototypes. In a user study (n=6), we test the UX of the tool usingthe Nasa-TLX and the Software Usability Scale. We furthercollect qualitative data using the Think-Aloud method. Thesoftware is meant to connect to an existing procedural VRexperiment that was implemented in cooperation withhealthcare and nursing educators. This profession canespecially benefit from VR simulation training due to theimplied ecological validity as well as risk-free training in safety-critical situations. Results show that participants were contentwith the consequences of their actions with the GUI, albeit witha learning curve. The usability of the software has potential tobe improved by adding feedback to user actions.
09 / 2023