Towards Satisfaction Checking of Power Contracts in Uppaal

Gregor Nitsche and Kim Grüttner and Wolfgang Nebel
Forum on specification & Design Languages (FDL 2014)
Since energy consumption is one of the most limitingfactors for embedded and integrated systems, today’s microelectronic design demands urgently for power-aware methodologies for early specification, design-space exploration and verification of the designs’ power properties. To this end, we currently develop a contract- and component-based design concept for power properties, called Power Contract, to provide a formal link between the bottom-up power characterization of low-level system components and the top-down specification of the systems’ high-level power intent. In this paper, we present a first proof ofconcept for the verification of the leaf-component power contracts of a hierarchical system design w. r. t. their implementation in UPPAAL. Building on these, we can provide assured power contracts for the hierarchical Virtual Integration (VI) of the leafcomponents to a compound power contract of the integrated final system and thus allow for a sound and traceable bottom-upintegration and verification methodology for power properties.
10 / 2014
Methodik zum Entwurf von energiesparenden, verifizierten Systemen
Design of embedded mixed-criticality CONTRol systems under consideration of EXtra-functional properties

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