Towards a Reference Architecture for Regional Electricity Markets

Beer, Sebastian and Rüttinger, Hannes and Bischofs, Ludger and Appelrath, H.-Jürgen
it - Information Technology
In the last few years, driving forces like political legislation, an increased use of renewable energy sources and a growing ecological awareness resulted in an advanced integration of distributed energy resources in the public power grid. The resulting change towards a decentralised power supply is expected to further continue in the coming years and requires a reorganization of the conventional market structures in order to meet the challenges as well as to exploit the potentials resulting from the new situation. In the following work we present a reference architecture for regional electricity markets which addresses this very issue. Besides a description of the general market design, a more detailed view of selected market players is provided.
03 / 2010
Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag
E-Energy-Projekt in der Modellregion Cuxhaven
52 (2010) 2