The Art of Privacy A Theatrical Privacy Installation in Virtual Reality

Jung, Frederike and Kaiser, Jonah-Noël and von Holdt, Kai and Heuten, Wilko and Meyer, Jochen
Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
In a digitized world, matters of (online) privacy become increasingly immanent in people's lives. Paradoxically, while consumers claim they care about what happens to their personal data, they undertake little to protect it. Awareness is a crucial step towards making informed privacy decisions. Therefore, we present the Art of Privacy, a Virtual Reality (VR) installation, generated in collaboration with theater artists. This Interactivity immerses viewers into the world of data and unfolds possible consequences of clicking `accept', without reading the terms and conditions or privacy policies. With this work, we contribute an artistic VR installation, designed to shed new light on digital privacy, spark discussions and encourage self-reflection of personal privacy behaviors.
April / 2023
Association for Computing Machinery
CHI EA '23
Plattform zur Analyse von Datennutzungsbedingungen interaktiver Assistenzsysteme