Supervising the Supervisor: An Approach to Improve Scanning Behaviour during UAV Supervisory Control

Fortmann, Florian and Wortelen, Bertram
Proc. of Berliner Werkstatt für Mensch-Maschine Systeme (BWMMS)
Progressive automation in the aviation domain has increasingly changed the role of human operators from manual control to supervisory control and enabled human operators to handle complex technical systems beyond limited human capabilities. However, this benefit did not come without a price. Inadequate scanning behaviour during the execution of supervisory control tasks can reduce situation awareness (SA) leading to a new type of human error and even accidents. In this paper we present the assistant system Supervisory Guide, which aims at improving the scanning behaviour of a human operator supervising a swarm of highly autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by guiding visual attention to relevant but unattended information sources on the user interface. We present results of an experiment performed with 15 subjects to evaluate the effect of Supervisory Guide on scanning behaviour, SA and workload. Overall, the results show that scanning behaviour and SA significantly improve, while workload increases.
10 / 2013
Berliner Zentrum Mensch-Maschine-Systeme
Designing Dynamic Distributed Cooperative Systems