Structured workflow achieving interoperable Smart Energy systems

Marion Gottschalk, Gerald Franzl, Matthias Frohner, Richard Pasteka, Mathias Uslar
Energy Informatics
Interoperability is the key to Smart Grids and thereby to enable the energy transmission towards 100% renewable energy sources. The project Integrating the Energy System (IES) Austria adopted the holistic methodology to achieve interoperable systems, established in the medical IT and standardized in ISO DTR 28380-1, for the energy domain. The poster will outline the adopted process and the lessons learned when first trial Integration Profiles were specified and tested at the Connectathon Europe 2018, in The Hague, Netherlands. The methodology is found applicable to Smart Energy systems. Interoperability testing and profile integration validation were successfully implemented. The specification of new Integration Profiles, to be presented and tested at the Connectathon Energy 2019, is in progress.
October / 2018
IES Austria
IES - Integrating the Energy System Austria