Specification of adaptive HW/SW systems in SystemC

Herrera, Fernando and Villar, Eugenio and Hartmann, Philipp A.
This paper proposes a SystemC-based specification methodology of adaptive embedded systems to be implemented on a platform including one or more processors, thus supporting the execution of embedded software, and digital hardware with capabilities of partial dynamic reconfiguration (DRHW). For it, it proposes the collaboration of two specification methodologies: HetSC and OSSS+R. The main issues for the integration of these specification methodologies are addressed. This includes how to install and use them together, which is the structure of the specification, how adaptivity is specified for SW and DRHW implementation, and the syntactical and semanticual issues related to the MoC interface implicit in their connection.
09 / 2008
Analysis and Design of run-time Reconfigurable, heterogeneous Systems