Specification, Implementation, and Validation of Object-Oriented Embedded Systems

Terrier, F. and Voros, N. and Brockmeyer, U.
Object-Oriented Technology - ECOOP 2000 Workshop Reader
This workshop objective is to identify the main lacks of UML for developing real-time embedded systems and the main prospective directions for research to these difficulties. For that, it aims to gather academics and industrial people to discuss on industrial needs, on formalisms prospects and on advanced solutions. It tries to tackle the three main parts of a development cycle: specification/analysis, design/implementation and validation. Three main sessions have emerged from the workshop submissions. The first one was focused on setting the end users requirements for UML modeling of real-time embedded systems. The second has been focused on design and implementation techniques proposals and experiences. The third has been centered on formal techniques for the validation of the applications from their UML model.
01 / 2000
Lecture Notes in Computer Science