Snap and Share Your Photobooks

Henze, Niels and Boll, Susanne
Proceedings of ACM Multimedia
The sharing of photos with others, friends and family, has become even more popular with digital photography and Internet applications such as email or Web albums. At the same time, the physical touch of printed photos is still appreciated and customers use different services to print their photos on post cards, calendars or photobook, often to give them as a present or to create a physical souvenir. Once printed, however, the sharing of photos with others becomes difficult as there is no link back from the now analogue item to its digital counterpart. With Bookmarkr, we developed a system that employs a mobile camera phone to bridge the gap between the printed photo and its digital counterpart. The user takes an image of a photo in a photobook with the mobile phone`s camera. The image is transmitted to a photobook server, which employs image analysis techniques to retrieve the corresponding photo. The photo is sent back to the user and establishes the digital-physical match. Bookmarkr allows the user to interact with analogue photos in a similar way as interacting with digital photos by using a point-and-shoot metaphor. Our performance evaluation shows that the system is able to return the correct photo in up to 99 percent of all cases. A conducted user study revealed that the designed interaction works for the participants and their analogue photobooks.
01 / 2008
ACM Press
Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices
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