Smart grid digitalization in Germany by standardized advanced metering infrastructure and green button

Jürgen Meister, Norman Ihle, Sebastian Lehnhoff & Mathias Uslar
Application of Smart Grid Technologies
With a growing number of decentralized energy resources as well as flexible consumers, the need for real-time data and telemetry from these devices as well as the sections of the power grid in which they are operated is required. Up-to-date information will be necessary not only to balance out demand and supply but also to mitigate network bottlenecks or react to potential instabilities. In this chapter, the authors discuss the German initiative toward an interoperable advanced metering infrastructure suitable for safety-critical ancillary services such as this with the potential for supporting a wide area of related applications in the future.
05 / 2018
Academic Press
347 - 371
Lisa Lamont and Ali Sayigh