Simulating Visual Attention Allocation of Pilots in an Advanced Cockpit Environment

Frische, Florian and Osterloh, Jan-Patrick and Lüdtke, Andreas
This paper describes the results of experiments conducted with human line pilots and a cognitive pilot model during interaction with a new 4D Flight Management System (FMS). The aim of these experiments was to gather human pilot behavior data in order to calibrate the behavior of the model. Human behavior is mainly triggered by visual perception. Thus, the main aspect was to setup a profile of human pilots’ visual attention allocation in a cockpit environment containing the new FMS. We first performed statistical analyses of eye tracker data and then compared our results to common results of familiar analyses in standard cockpit environments. The comparison has shown a significant influence of the new system on the visual performance of human pilots. Further on, analyses of the virtual pilots’ visual performance have been performed. A comparison to human pilots’ visual performance revealed important improvement potentials.
12 / 2010
Model-based Analysis of Human Errors during Aircraft Cockpit System Design