Semantic analysis and retrieval in personal and social photo collections

Sandhaus, Philipp and Boll, Susanne
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Semantic understanding of images has been an important topic in the research community for a long time as it is an important prerequisite to build meaningful retrieval systems which are accessible by both users and automatic reasoning algorithms. Recently, especially with the growing trend to share photos online, the social aspect of image retrieval becomes more and more prevalent and image retrieval more and more focusses specifically on photos and their special characteristics, especially on information outside the image itself. Researchers are starting to explore how and why photos are shot, shared and used and try to incorporate this additional knowledge to aid image analysis and retrieval. Several survey papers have been written in the past reviewing works in the general field of image analysis and retrieval. However, the social aspect of image retrieval and the focus on digital photos has not sufficiently been addressed in these works. In this article we give an overview over the current research field of semantic photo understanding, annotation and retrieval. We review over 160 contributions in the field and identify trending topics and implications for future directions of research.
12 / 2010
Semantisches Retrieval für digitale Fotoprodukte
Springer Netherlands