Searching on Heterogeneous and Decentralized Data: A Short Review

Julius Möller, Dennis Jankowski, Axel Hahn
OSSYM 2021 - 3rd International Open Search Symposium
Within the last few years, the amount of recorded data has increased significantly. Information is collected from a wide variety of areas, such as healthcare, autonomous driving, or e-commerce. In addition, the recorded data is usually not stored centrally, but is rather distributed across various decentralized infrastructures. This complicates searching for the desired data. Several papers have already been published that discuss approaches for finding the requested information within heterogeneous and decentralized data architectures. To highlight the similarities and differences between the various approaches, this paper conducts an integrative literature review on search architectures that deal with heterogeneous and decentralized data. This is done by decomposing existing architectures in different layers: It was found that the identified architectures first abstract from the original technologies of the heterogeneous data sources, and then use different indexing strategies in combination with a search algorithm to find and present the queried information.
October / 2021

OFFIS Autoren