Rapid Virtual-Human-in-the-Loop Simulation with the High Level Architecture

Puch, Stefan and Fränzle, Martin and Osterloh, Jan-Patrick and Läsche, Christoph
Proceedings of Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2012 (SCSC 2012)
Connecting different simulators, and setting up a distributed simulation is a complex and expensive task. Especially in research projects, where rapid results are desired, this is a task that is often too time consuming. Therefore the use of standards and existing frameworks can be helpful. The IEEE 1516High Level Architecture (HLA) is a well-established concept for distributed simulation, whereas HLA is not well suited for rapid prototyping. In this paper, we describe how we use HLA in a virtual-human-in-the-loop simulation, as well as the framework we developed in order to allow to rapidly connect new simulators. Finally, we present an evaluation of our framework, which shows that an open source RTI in our context of research may compete well with a commercial RTI implementation.
07 / 2012
Curran Associates, Inc.
Bruzzone, A.
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