Power macro-modelling for firm-macros

von Cölln (Jochens), Gerd and Kruse, Lars and Schmidt, Eike and Stammermann, Ansgar and Nebel, Wolfgang
An approach for power modelling of parameterized, technology independ-ent design components (firm-macros) is presented. Executable simulation models in form of C++ classes are generated by a systematic procedure that is based on statis-tical modelling and table look-up techniques. In contrast to other table look-up based approaches the proposed model separately handles the inputs of a component, and with this it allows to model the effects of corresponding joint-dependencies. In addi-tion, a technique for the generation of executable models is presented. The generated models are optimized with respect to simulation performance and can be applied for power analysis and optimization tasks on the behavioral and architectural level. Results are presented for a number of test cases which show the good quality of the model.
01 / 2000
PATMOS 2000, International Workshop fpr Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation. - o.O.

OFFIS Autoren