Power and Cost Aware Distributed Load Management

Schröder, K and Schlitt, D. and Hoyer, M. and Nebel, W.
The continuously increasing energy requirement of data centers has already reached a magnitude in the two-digit mega-watt range by now. The rising energy costs force operators to search for measures for energy reduction. A popular, software based instrument is consolidation using virtualization, since this provides also high flexibility for changing business requirements. Furthermore, by using dynamic load management an even stronger consolidation can be achieved. If an enterprise maintains several data centers, a distributed data center comprehensive load management can be applied. The vision introduced in this paper presents the server and data center location specific characteristics for minimizing the energy requirement or energy costs which are relevant and therefore can be used specifically. The potential for savings of the introduced distributed load management can be up to 40%.
04 / 2010

OFFIS Autoren