Object-oriented high level synthesis based on SystemC

Grimpe, Eike
The introduction of object-oriented modelling techniques into the development of hardware seems to open a promising wayfor mastering the increasing complexityof today's hardware systems. Furthermore it provides the possibility of transferring well known and approved object-oriented modelling techniques from the software development to the hardware development. Since there is a major difference between the nature of software and the nature of hardware the direct adaptation of common objectoriented programming languages to describing hardware is not possible in general. SystemC is a C++ class libraryand a methodologythat introduces some of the missing typical hardware features in C/C++. This paper describes an extended SystemC based methodology and synthesis techniques allowing to use object-oriented concepts like classes, polymorphism and inheritance for the description of synthesisable hardware models.
09 / 2001
ICECS 2001: the 8th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Ciruits and Systems, St. Julian's, Malta, vol.1. - Piscataway, NJ: IEEE