Object Oriented Design and Synthesis of Communication in Hardware-/Software Systems with OSSS

Grüttner, Kim and Grabbe, Cornelia and Oppenheimer, Frank and Nebel, Wolfgang
proceeding in SASIMI 2007, Hokkaido, Japan
In this paper we propose an object oriented hardware/software co-design methodology for embedded system design. The use of object-oriented techniques combined with template meta-programming during system level design facilitates the designer in writing faster, better and more reusable executable models of the specified system. One of the major challenges in system level design lies is the automatic or guided refinement process from the specification down to the implementation on a certain target platform. The contribution of this paper is a seamless communication refinement from a method based communication between active and passive objects to a signal base synthesisable communication through buses or point-to-point channels. The proposed methodology retains the separation of communication and behaviour and therefore enables an easy communication architecture exploration. To achieve this we have implemented a remote method invocation mechanism that can be used in conjunction with synthesisable channels. The applicability of our approach is shown with an IPv4 router design.
10 / 2007