Modelling, simulation and advanced tracing for extra-functional properties in SystemC

Hartmann, Philipp A.
European SystemC Users' Group Meeting
SystemC and TLM-2.0 based ESL methodologies are widely used for early application, platform, and performance analysis already. But the consideration of an embedded device's power consumption and its management is increasingly important nowadays, not only for mobile devices. Currently, it is not equally easily possible to integrate and analyse such extra-functional information at electronic system-level.In this talk, existing approaches for system-level timing and power estimation techniques, as well as their efficient integration into SystemC/TLM virtual prototypes are presented. As an enabling technology for the analysis of extra-functional system properties, an advanced tracing infrastructure especially addressing temporally decoupled virtual prototype simulations constitutes the main part of the presentation. Finally, to enable interoperability beyond timing and functionality, the need for future standardization efforts in the area of extra-functional properties is briefly outlined.
09 / 2013
COdesign and power Management in PLatform-based design space EXploration
Methodik zum Entwurf von energiesparenden, verifizierten Systemen