Modeling and approaching a cost transparent, specific data center power consumption

Janacek, Stefan and Schröder, Kiril and Schomaker, Gunnar and Nebel, Wolfgang and Rüschen, Marco and Pistoor, Günter
Power demand of data centers is a topic of greatinterest and numerous research papers. Most handle power saving by using virtualization technologies and server consolidation. In this position paper, we propose the idea of approaching a specific power consumption of an entire data center by using virtual machine migration strategies. To achieve this goal, several models of data center components are needed. We illustrate the models we developed as well as the measurement set-up and results we have. These are especially models for server power estimation and for a virtual machine power breakdown. At the end of the paper, we present our further ideas and future research intentions.
12 / 2012

OFFIS Autoren