M2DC: Modular Microserver Datacentre with Heterogeneous Hardware

Ariel Oleksiak, Michal Kierzynka, Wojciech Piatek, Micha Vor Dem Berge, Wolfgang Christmann, Stefan Krupop, Mario Porrmann, Jens Hagemeyer, René Griessl, Meysam Peykanu, Lennart Tigges, Sven Rosinger, Daniel Schlitt, Christian Pieper, Udo Janssen, Giovanni Agosta, Carlo Brandolese, William Fornaciari, Gerardo Pelosi, Mariano Cecowski, Robert Plestenjak, Justin Cinkelj, Loïc Cudennec, Thierry Goubier, Jean-Marc Philippe, Chris Adeniyi-Jones, Luca Ceva and Holm Rauchfuss
Microprocessors and Microsystems Volume 52
The Modular Microserver DataCentre (M2DC) project investigates,develops and demonstrate a modular, highly-efficient, cost-optimized server architecture composed of heterogeneous microserver computing resources. The resulting server architecture will be able to be tailored to meet requirements from a wide range of application domains. M2DC is built on three main pillars: a flexible server architecture that can be easily customised, maintained and updated; advanced management strategies and system efficiency enhancements (SEE); well-defined interfaces to the surrounding software data centre ecosystem. In this paper, we focus in particular on the high-speed communication infrastructure, and on the software stack and thermal management strategies.
July / 2017
Modular Microserver DataCentre