Lower bound estimation for low power high-level synthesis

Kruse, Lars and Schmidt, Eike and Stammermann, Ansgar and Nebel, Wolfgang and von Cölln (Jochens), Gerd
This paper addresses the problem of estimating lower bounds on the power consumption in scheduled data flow graphs with a fixed number of allocated resources prior to binding. The estimated bound takes into account the effects of resource sharing. It is shown that by introducing Lagrangian multipliers and relaxing the low power bind-ing problem to the Assignment Problem, which can be solved in O(n3), a tight and fast computable bound is achievable. Experimental results show the good quality of the bound. In most cases, deviations smaller than 5% from the optimal binding were observed. The proposed technique can for example be applied in branch and bound high-level synthesis algorithms for efficient pruning of the design space. The estimated lower bound can also be used as a starting point for low power binding heuristics to find optimal or near optimal binding solutions.
01 / 2000
13th Int. Symposium on System Sythesis, ISSS 2000, Madrid, Spain

OFFIS Autoren