Interactive Technology for Cycling—ideate, make–remote, together

Matviienko, Andrii and Heuten, Wilko and Dix, Alan and Boll, Susanne CJ
Adjunct Publication of the 23rd International Conference on Mobile Human-Computer Interaction
Cycling is absolutely in trend, not only for health reasons but also as a major contribution to future sustainable mobility. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss and explore the design space and interaction methods for technological augmentation of bicycles. The workshop will achieve this goal through invited talks, demos, brainstorming sessions and prototyping activities. The workshop various cycling tours to promote outdoor discussions about development of new technologies and research direction by exploring the design space of different cycling areas. The workshop is connected to a SIGCHI summer school on HCI & Cycling, which will take place before the conference. We expect that in addition to open submissions to the workshop, the participants of the summer school will submit their results and design space explorations to the workshop.
September / 2021
Association for Computing Machinery
MobileHCI '21 Adjunct
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